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AMIROでご注文いただいた商品は通常、FedEx、DHL、TNT、SF Expressにて発送いたします。詳細は以下の通りです。なお、現在コロナの影響により、配達までの日数が伸びています。現在の平均配達日数は5-7営業日です。 

CountryEstimated delivery TimeFee
United States14 Business DaysFree
Canada14 Business DaysFree
European Region14-18 Business DaysFree
HongKong5-7 Business DaysFree
Southeast Asia5-7 Business DaysFree
Australia&New Zealand14-18 Business DaysFree
Middle East14 Business DaysFree
Japan5-7 Business DaysFree
South Korea5-7 Business DaysFree
Taiwan5-7 Business DaysFree
Macao5-7 Business DaysFree



  • 複数の商品をご注文いただいた場合、発送日が別々になり、配達までの時間が異なることがあります。
  • 配達日数に土日祝日は含まれません。
  • 中国から国外への発送は、通常便のみとなります。
  • 当社は、国際配送の際に税関で課される関税、税金、追加料金について責任を負いません。
  • 配送先住所が不正確であったり、署名して荷物を受け取る際に不在であった場合など、配送先の問題による配送の遅れについて、当社は責任を負いません
  • AMIROでは、ご注文いただいた商品をお約束した日にちまでにお届けできるよう、最大限努めております。しかしながら、国家的な危機、休日、自然災害、配送会社の遅延、その他当社のコントロールが及ばない状況での配送の遅延の場合、配送費用の返金はできません。

3. Cancel/Return /Refund Policy

1 . Cancel
Once the item has been shipped out (you have received the tracking number or your order status is completed) we are unable to help cancel it. 

2.  Return

Return Policy for Products Purchased from

a) For Unwanted Products
We don't accept an unwanted return. Please consider carefully before purchasing.

b) For Non-Man made Defective Products
If the product is defective (non-manmade) when you receive it, within 30 days of delivery, you can get a full refund or replacement. 

Beyond the 30 days but within 1-year warranty, a full refund is not available, but replacement or repair is acceptable.

You don't need to return the defective item to us and AMIRO will bear the freight of new replacements or repaired units.

Return Policy for Products Purchased from a Third-Party

If the AMIRO product that you have purchased from the third-party stores or vendors does not function to your satisfaction or does not apply to your installation, please contact the third-party store or vendor where the product was originally purchased for the return and refund policy. All the return and refund processes related to the AMIRO products purchased from third-party stores or vendors are subject to the specific policies of the third-party stores or vendors. Please refer to the return and refund policy of the original store or vendor that you purchased your AMIRO product for specific information. AMIRO is not responsible for their refund and return.